Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8/14/2012 Day 2 on the job - Hoarder House!

     In my second day on the job I did pretty well and got two leads, one for a guy who wanted some trim painted on his house, and another lady who wanted a wall repainted, as well as the bathroom ceiling. She even invited me in to take a look at it, and her dog was one of the few that didn't want to kill me! The wall she wanted redone was a sort of denim blue color, and she wondered why she'd ever painted it that color. Personally, I didn't think it looked so bad, but it could look kinda dull during the colder months I guess. She wanted it back to white.

However, I also found something else that day, something most of us don't see outside of a TV show. Yes, it was a Hoarder House! And boy could it ever use the services I was offering. So, hoping for yet another possible bonus, I knocked at the door. Nobody answered, but there was (and still is) a window open there. It wasn't til this week that I realized that that house is unoccupied, being kept there for hoarding purposes. The flyer I tucked in the door is STILL there, just as I left it! Sad thing is, it's a rather charming, large home. 

Note the milkcrate sticking out of the upstairs window.

Someone wrote "Love You" on the glass.

The flyer is STILL the same as I left it.

Those downstairs rooms are filled to the top with junk.

Buddhist prayer flag.

Interestingly, they still have a satellite dish

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